Balloon Twisting Instructions

Butterfly and Fairy Balloon Twisting Instructions

Fattyflies & Fairyflies

Clayton teaches you how to make this adorable "fattyfly" and how to turn it into a "Fairyfly" with just a few changes. There is one design in each video, which are both accompanied by some images of simple variations.

Lovely Little Ladies Princess Balloons

Lovely Little Ladies

Learn a fast customizable little lady design in these three videos. Clayton shows you three variations that are always a huge hit. Using Quick-Link Print faces you get an adorable design with minimum EASY sharpie work.

Bunny Rabbit Balloon

In this video Clayton teaches you how to make an adorable bunny balloon perfect for Easter, or any time of year. You'll need to bring your sidewall bubbles (or raisins) with you though for this advanced design.

Puppy Dog Balloon

This adorable puppy dog balloon animal uses 260s, 350s and rounds. There are no "advanced" twisting skills needed except a marriage twist (which Clayton of course shows you how to do.

Toothless Balloon Dragon

NIGHT FUUUURY!!! This design is insanely popular and makes a great add on for parties, or for when you just have the extra time. You'll need 160s, 260s and 350s for this advanced design.

Motorcycle Balloon

Another advanced design, Clayton teaches you how to twist an awesomely adorable motorcycle balloon. This design requires 16 inch geos for the tires. The most complicated twist involved is a raisin twist.

Super Guy Balloon

Clayton's Super Guy balloon is truly a concept design. You can make variations from this EASY body design and make countless super heros with your print heads. It also works great for zombies, ninjas and aliens.

Night Fury Balloon Hat

Clayton teaches you how to make this fantstic Night Fury balloon hat. It's a great combo with the full body dragon.

Quick-Link Reindeer

This reindeer balloon head is probably Clayton's favorite in the Quck-Link series. It's. Just. Adorable.

Quick-Link Snowman

One more great desgin for Christmas! Clayton teaches you how to make a silly chilly snowman head balloon using Quick-Links, 646's and 321's.

Dory Balloon Animal

Finding Dory Balloon

In this detailed instruction video Clayton teaches you how to make an ADORABLE Dory Balloon for the new movie, Finding Dory. Be ready for all those requests you will be SURE to get!

321 Shoot Vol. 2

321 Shoot Vol. 2 takes one basic blaster structure from Vol 1. and teaches you how to make some very fast, very effective modifications for use with print heads. You'll need 321s, 160s, rounds and print heads for these FAST designs.

321 Shoot! Vol. 1

In these tutorials, Clayton teaches you how to make 5 different style balloon guns using 321s as the base, along with 160s, 260s and rounds. These are perfect for line-work and have endless modification possibilites.

Frozen Snowman Balloon

Clayton teaches you how to make a totally huggable Frozen Snowman in this advanced tutorial. You'll a few specialty balloons including a big bear head, a 6 inch geo and a 321.

Bubble Fish Balloon

This adorable balloon fish is quick, fun and easy to make. They're perfect for parties, and once you get them down they can even work as line work designs.

Balloon Centerpieces

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a VERY easy table centerpiece balloon using an inexpensive base pole assembly and geo blossoms. You'll also learn how to make a smaller version without the pole. These are very quick to make and have a high profit margin.